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"Do what you love, love what you do."

Someone said that to me when I was fresh out of college and, even now, I still take it to heart.  It's like when a young John Lennon was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said "happy". Everyone thought he misunderstood the question.

Hi! My name is Shreepal or "Shreeps" for short.  My East Indian parents gave me the name although I was born in New Hampshire and then raised outside of Philadelphia.  I have a passion for many things, but singing and making music is one of the earliest that developed.  I was a mild-mannered, quiet kid growing up - much different than who I am today.  Music was something that made me light up!  I used to sing so much my sister would complain. 

I began playing guitar late in high school and wrote my first song not long after.  It was not good and sounded a bit like throwing wet paper towels at the wall.  As I continued playing though, I developed a love for the songwriting process.  A spark of inspiration would become an obsession.  I'd play or sing a new idea over and over just hoping I could unlock something special to move the writing forward.  And then I'd stew over the right words to sing and whether they had the "right stuff".  I loved doing it, but, unlike many songwriters,  I never considered doing it seriously until after college.


After graduating from Emory University with plans to work in business, I instead enrolled in the Atlanta Institute of Music to study guitar performance.  AIM was a sea change and I was definitely out of my element at first.  Everyone was so #@$@ good!  The depth and breadth of talent was astonishing and then there was me, overwhelmed but falling in love at the same time.  I practiced alot and , I was not long after, I was entirely off the beaten path.  I no longer thought about finance, I thought about how Hendrix shaped our whole culture's relationship with music and whether I could cop all of Clapton's licks off his seminal album with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.  It's not far off to say that the experience shaped my whole adult life.

Singing and performing still brings me the same joy as when I first started playing seriously.  So much joy in my life (& yours maybe) has come through music and live performance!

The first music that really captured me was The Beatles & Michael Jackson, partly because my parents kept a small vinyl collection.

From there, I developed a love for songwriters and bands like Paul Simon, Tom Petty, Sting & the Police, Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, Dave Matthews, The Grateful Dead, and R.E.M.  And then I'd try to emulate voices I loved like Sam Cooke, James Taylor, Van Morrison, & Robert Plant.  You might hear some of these influences in my own music, but then I'm also the type to find inspiration anywhere.

Click the Booking tab above to check my availability.  To see me at a public performance, check out my ScheduleThe last tab under "IP Law" is for my other serious passion - intellectual property law.

Thanks for your support and thanks for supporting live music! 



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