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“When cupid strikes your heart, you’d be a fool to waste it…” - from the song “Cupid Strikes”


A wise man once said the right career should be at the intersection of what you love to do & what you’re passionate about (& what people are willing to pay you for). When Shreeps (Sha*reeps) first decided to focus on music, it wasn’t because he had dreams of fame, money, or women. Rather, of the options laid out before him after graduating from Emory University in Atlanta, GA — going to graduate school, pursuing the corporate track, working a 9 to 5 - it was the one choice that made his heart jump on a day-to-day basis (and it still does): music. With this in mind, Shreeps vowed to carve out a niche for himself as performing musician and singer/songwriter. So, he traded in the security of a predictable life & career for the adventure of following his passion. 


Already an experienced singer (as a member of a prestigious singing group in college),  Shreeps enrolled in the guitar program at the Atlanta Institute of Music (AIM). Admittedly, not a ‘guitar hero’, Shreeps considers himself a musician, songwriter, and performer first. After AIM, Shreeps co-founded a pop rock band called 'One with the Bullet' (OWTB) that played shows and festivals throughout the Southeast. The years with the band proved to be a valuable experience as he ventured off in a solo direction in 2011. Shreeps released his premiere EP, “Avondale Escape” in late 2013 and has headlined shows at popular Atlanta area venues like Eddie’s Attic and Red Light Cafe. 


Concurrent to his young career as a solo singer/songwriter, Shreeps created a separate, “solo” prenuer business as an in-demand event performer playing weddings and corporate events. In 2016, he finished a professional-grade project studio at his home where he has begun to hone his recording engineer skills. Shreeps is currently in production with highly esteemed producer Paul Warner of ShadowWalk Productions and plans to release new music to the public in summer 2017. 


Shreeps’ music has a conscience with an existential kick - like Paul Simon hanging out with Nick Drake and Steve Earle. Always scratching beneath the surface Shreeps tries to think, live, and write beyond the superficial without being pedantic or boring. Shreeps’ influences are eclectic, ranging from artists that include John Lennon, Donald Fagen, Chick Cannon, Townes Van Zandt, Ingrid Michaelson and Michael Bloomfield. 

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