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Do what you love, love what you do.


When I first decided to invest my time into music, I wasn't really after anything more than flow and happiness. I had grown up a shy child of East Indian immigrants and singing had always been the activity that helped me out of my shell. Looking back now, I wouldn't recognize that old me. Music has not only been a source of profound joy; it helped me through immense personal growth. A "mic life" forces you into a performer's extroversion and some of that is now who I am away from the mic as well.

I grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA in a comfortable suburb. I went to good schools including Emory University in Atlanta, GA. I probably would have ended ended up in financial advising or corporate management. But after college, I had the first of two sea changes in my life. I spontaneously enrolled in the Atlanta Institute of Music's guitar performance program. I took to the guitar like an old friend. The school was an intimidating environment, but the experience was formative. I found a second love in the guitar to go along with my first love of singing. At some juncture, I let go of any thoughts of doing anything else.

I went through a common arc. I taught lessons for several years and began playing anywhere and everywhere I could. I wrote some songs. I put together a couple bands only to watch them break up. I grew musically and professionally and eventually found a niche playing weddings and high-dollar events. I realized I could make more money and have more flexibility as a solo performer which, while missing out on the joy of playing with others, made sense since I had decided to purchase a home in Georgia around the 2008 recession.

And so I managed like that for several years until I felt another itch. I had reached a happy place with the quality of my music, but I need something else. I went through a second sea change.  After a year of thinking and planning, I decided to go back to school and get a law degree from Georgia State University of Law. It turns out what I needed in addition to my playing was a vocation that appealed to the academic in me. It took three plus years but I received my diploma and sat for the Georgia bar in February 2022. In the meantime, save a few stretches to focus on studying, I never stopped booking gigs and performing.

I couldn't be more excited! I get to make a living off both the creative and academic or as  is often the case with copyright law, some combination of both. The next chapter involves more songwriting and performing as well.

I hope you'll stay a bit and find something that appeals to you. If you're a bride, make sure to visit my wedding page ( and if you're a prospective music client, check out my songlist page. ( You can help script songlists to your occasion.


My songwriting influences are eclectic (Paul Simon, Tom Petty, Townes Van Zandt, John Lennon, Dave Matthews), not to mention my favorite guitar influences (Eric Clapton, George Benson, Jerry Garcia, John Mayer).

Lastly, if you have questions as an artist regarding copyright or entertainment law, can check out the last tab at the top right or e-mail me at If you use Instagram, you can follow me at @shreepsmusic or @shreepslaw

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